About Company
Mind AI offers an entirely new approach to artificial general intelligence. Our internationally patented engine converts natural language into its own novel data structures, canonicals, to perform human-like reasoning.
Core Team
  • Paul Lee, M.D
    Founder & CEO
    Paul is a clinician, scientist, and an entrepreneur. As a graduate of University of Oxford with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, he received an M.D. from The School of Medicine at Catholic University of Korea. Paul is also a graduate of Futuremed at Singularity University 2013 and Exponential Medicine 2014. Paul also cofounded JNP LAB in Seoul that acts as a development hub for global exponential technologies.
  • Joshua Hong
    Cofounder & CSO
    Josh is a serial, internet-media, and blockchain entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He worked at Accenture as technology and corporate strategy consultant. He won the Orange County Business Journal’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship and 40 under 40 Award in 2010. He also founded and chaired YPO Singularity University Seminar, which was awarded one of the highest rated educational programs in YPO, Young President’s Organization. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and an M.B.A. from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  • John Doe
    Chief Scientist
    John has been researching and developing artificial intelligence software for over 10 years. At Carnegie Mellon University, he began learning languages such as Scheme, Lisp, and C. Afterwards, John began researching and developing artificial intelligence technology. John’s mission has been to pioneer the development of the world’s first true artificial intelligence.
  • Reeyan Lee
    Reeyan became proficient in diverse disciplines, including consumer facing software, banking backbones, RFID, and healthcare. Reeyan has held senior positions at GE Healthcare as a lead architect and as a lead iOS developer. Reeyan now works to develop a new artificial intelligence paradigm, to change the world.
  • Eric Kim
    Eric has a background in corporate finance, planning capital & operational budget, due diligence, and crypto asset management. He has administered treasury functions and cash management in private equity firms, and orchestrated complex due diligence review and audit on potential investments. Eric has previously worked in the online gaming, digital marketing, and in other IT firms as the controller and VP of Finance before joining Mind AI.
  • Brock Pierce
    Cofounder of Block.One
    Brock Pierce is a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for digital currency. He is a Founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital. Blockchain Capital has invested in more than 30 blockchain enabling technology companies. Brock is also a founder, advisor, or board member of GoCoin, Tether, ZenBox, Blade Financial, Expresscoin, Noble Markets, BitGo, ChangeTip, BlockStreet, Coin Congress, and Plug and Play. Brock is a BitAngels city leader and runs a top AngelList Syndicate. As an entrepreneur, he’s raised more than $200 million for the companies he’s founded and led more than 30 acquisitions throughout his career.
  • Stephen Ibaraki
    Chair of ACM, UN ITU & Founding Partner @ REDDS
    Stephen has more than 100 top executive roles, and innovation awards and recognitions. Some of his executive positions include: co-chair Practitioner Board Association for Computing Machinery, founding chair Global Industry Council and vice-chair board IP3 International Federation for Information Processing, founding managing partner REDDS Venture Investment Partners, founder technology advisory board, Yintech Investment Holdings Ltd., founding member Beyond Initiative (Audi AI Think Tank), founding chairman outreach UN ITU "ICT Discovery" Journal, founding chair-moderator keynote organizer UN ITU AI events, found of ITU UN Briefing New York, founding chairman outreach, founding member steering committee seminal UN ITU AI for Good Global Summit with XPRIZE Foundation, 20 UN Agency partners, 47 media, founding chairman Technology Advisory Council Financial Services Roundtable FinTech Ideas Festival (FSR: 92.7 trillion managed assets, 1.2 trillion annual revenue), invited advisor to board within IEEE. His awards include: 14 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Global Awards, and 3 global gold awards, 3 founding Fellow awards, and a global lifetime achievement.
  • Christoph Hering
    CEO of Payger
    Christoph is a Blockchain enthusiast and actively coaches companies and entrepreneurs to integrate the Graphene Blockchain into their companies. It's Christoph's goal to build profitable blockchain companies. He's currently the founder and CEO of Payger, a new payment platform for digital assets.
  • Krzysztof Gagacki
    Founder of IOVO
    Krzysztof is the founder of IOVO, the first decentralized human value network giving power over data back to the people, who generate it. He has established himself as a significant figure in the crypto space by entering the market at its early stage of development and being an early investor of some of the leading blockchain projects. Krzysztof is also a founder of the first decentralized Ethereum-based lottery, a co-founder of Chain Capital and a key organizer of Poland’s largest crypto conference - Connect Warsaw. At the same time, he is a regular feature on the keynote circuit and an advisor to blockchain based companies.
  • Ronald Shon
    Founding Partner @ REDDS
    Ronald Shon heads a family office with investments in technology, education, real estate, natural resources, fashion, private equity and venture capital primarily in North America but also in Asia. Ron has extensive contacts in the investment banking sector and was a founding shareholder of Salman Partners Inc., an independent boutique investment banking firm which since its inception has raised over $20 billion CDN.
  • George Neville-Neil
    Expert in Networking, OS, Security
    George Neville-Neil is a computer scientist, teacher, and author. His professional interests include: code spelunking, operating systems, networking and security. He is the co-author of The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System with Marshall Kirk McKusick, and he is the columnist behind ACM Queue's "Kode Vicious". George holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Northeastern University and is a member of the ACM, the Usenix Association, and the IEEE.
  • SungJae Hwang
    Cofounder and CEO FoundationX
    SungJae Hwang is a serial and parallel entrepreneur, investor and inventor. He is a partner of Futureplay, a top-tier start-up accelerator in South Korea and also the CEO of FoundationX, a accelerator and building platform for blockchain projects. He served as Chief Product Officer at Fluenty Inc., an AI chatbot startup that was acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2017. He is also a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Pium Labs Inc., a New york based IoT startup.
  • JungHun Lee
    Advisor at Bithumb
    JungHun is an entrepreneur, advisor, and philanthropist. In 2002, he established Item Mania, later IMI, the first and largest game item trade market on the web in South Korea. As CEO, he received recognition from the Minister of Economy in South Korea due to his success at just 27 years old. Lee also operates a free meal service program. Today, he is an advisor to one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb.
  • Federico Pistono
    Head of Blockchain – Hyperloop
    Federico Pistono is an entrepreneur, angel investor, researcher, author, science educator and public speaker. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Verona, and he is a graduate of Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Park. He is the Futurist and Technology Expert for "Codice: la vita è digital" (Code: life is digital), a major program which airs on Rai1, in Italy. He is also the Head of Blockchain at Hyperloop Transportation Technology. At 31 years old, he became the youngest member of Italian Angels for Growth, the largest and most prestigious Angel Investors group in Italy. He has co-founded four startups —two in Italy and two in the US—in e-learning, media production and distribution, wireless communication technology, and he has consulted on technology and innovation for governments and Fortune 500 companies across the world, including Lufthansa and Google.
  • Nathan Nguyen
    Viet Capital and Jio Health
    Nathan is the General Director in charge of the Vietnam market for a US based medical service start-up, Jio Health. Nathan drives the organization's strategic growth, partnership development and oversees its talented and passionate staff. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Viet Capital Commercial Bank and Binh Thanh Import-Export Company, one of the leading garment manufacturers in Viet Nam.
  • HaeMin Yoo
    Managing Director at YG Entertainment
    HaeMin is the Head of Business Development and a board member of YG Entertainment. He also hold positions as COO and board member of YG Plus and serves on the board of YG Investment. He has a bachelors from Yonsei University in Business Administration.
  • Will Pangman
    Founder of Badger Labs; Bitcoin and Blockchain Expert
    Will Pangman is one of the Blockchain Industry’s top go-to-market strategists with a track record of helping blockchain startups understand and navigate the ecosystem, build community, develop business models, design sound network economics, build teams, raise money, and get connected in the industry. Will knows how to evaluate conceptual soundness of a project, develop a roadmap to success, design crowdfunding and launch campaigns, and bring teams the support they need to reach and exceed their goals. He continues to contribute his time and energy to growing local blockchain communities. His latest project is Badger Labs, a venture studio for blockchain development. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Badger Labs aims to attract and develop local talent of all ages and experience levels to help them find work in the industry, and assist founders in turning their blockchain ideas into viable projects and connecting them to growing global ecosystem.
  • Alex Alexandrov
    CEO of CoinPayments
    Alex Alexandrov is extremely well-versed in financial markets, and a pioneer in crypto-currency. Mr. Alexandrov was a technical Forex and Options trader and EA developer for MT4 platform. He then chose to venture into direct sales before branching out on his own to successfully develop and manage coincable.com, an online bitcoin mining hardware supply store that was based out of Vancouver. Alex brings over 15 years of combined experience in IT and business management to his latest venture as the owner and CEO of Coinpayments.net, a premium Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium and other alternative crypto-currency payment processor. Coinpayments' services are trusted by over 2.3 million vendors across 182 countries.
  • Jason Butcher
    COO of CoinPayments
    Jason Butcher is the COO of CoinPayments, the world’s first and largest crypto currency payment technology provider. He also co-founded BlockChain Hub—a community that fosters news ideas and advancements in the field of cryptology and financial technology. Mr. Butcher is an Advisory Board Member of Blockchain Association of Canada and a Strategic Advisor at RightMesh, VectorZilla and has been helping several other companies like Parallel Payments, NestBlockchain, MoolaCard, CoinFunder, ScanTeller, Pindify, Mondofi etc. grow productively.
  • Pongrapee Buranasompob
    CEO of Executive Education and Enrichment Institute
    Dr. Buranasompob is a venture partner of REDDS, known for futuristic innovation and global think tanks in prominent science communities. He was formerly: the Commissioner under the Secretariat of the Prime Minister, Secretary to Chief Ombudsman, and the Executive Director of International NGO. He is a National Best Selling Author, Fulbright Research Fellow, Oxford Business Alumni Committee (Bangkok Chapter) and he is pursuing dual doctorate degrees in Organization Development and Counseling Psychology. He is also providing advisory roles to KMITL, a leading Science and Technological University in Thailand in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. He also founded PAC 17, and directs its Executive Education and Enrichment Institute in partnership with SAID, Oxford University.
  • Sean Yoon
    Founder of idou and LINE FRIENDS
    Sean is a branding specialist and an entrepreneur. He founded and managed Edgebone, a brand consultancy for 11 years. Edgebone’s main clienteles include: LVMH, Morgan Stanley, Amore Pacific, Banyan Tree and LINE. Edgebone company became the brand division of LINE in Jan 2013. LINE's character was merely a marketing agent that his team transformed into a lucrative business opportunity. Brand division’s 2nd year's revenue was over 100M USD and was the start of LINE FRIENDS. LINE FRINEDS won nearly all IP awards in Asia. After LINE's IPO(NYSE:LN) in 2016, Sean lost his passion at a huge organization and started his own IP company, known as idou in Hong Kong in Jul of 2018. Sean is a writer of 2 steady sellers and a DJ as well.
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