Maximize your Business Efficiency Across End-to-End Processes Through Human Logic Intelligence
Accelerate the future of business innovation with our revolutionary Conversational AI builder and Business Process Automation solutions. Our Context-Aware technology prioritizes CAI-first strategy and facilitates seamless interactions of humans, AI, and systems.

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When Conversational AI meets Human Logic Intelligence

Conversational AI’s Human-like capabilities in comprehension and reasoning, coupled with context awareness and a remarkable adaptability to frequent changes.

Human Logic Intelligence automates repetitive and mundane business processes through the logic-driven decision-making just like human.

Conversation-Driven Automation

We embrace a CAI-first strategy and facilitate seamless interaction of humans, AI, and systems to provide superior experience to your users.

This is Human Conversation

Canonical model enables seamless context switches hopping from topic to topic without any loss, just like humans.

Build with Ease, Solve the Complex

We enhance your business efficiency by incorporating human logic into complex needs of users.

Explain Whys, No More Guess Work

Everything is traceable. We allow you to investigate root causes without any approximations.

Rapidly Educate AI with Context-Aware Reasoning Technology


Meaning Based Reasoning

Unlike existing AI with training models, it can understand intentions based on the meaning in natural language.


Transparent Reasoning

The entire reasoning process is completely transparent, which makes it easy to manage the knowledge base.


Universally Applicable

Not only the AI can immediately learn your domain knowledge, but also it can expand to different contexts.

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Boost Your Profitability through
Conversational AI-Powered Automation

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Cut Business Cost

Eliminate manual tasks by automating workflows with Conversational AI and Human Logic Intelligence

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Increased Profitability

Build your AI-powered business solutions and boost potential of your business innovation

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Achieve your business goals

Enhance customer experience while helping your customers engage and fulfill their objectives of use

Effortlessly Build and Maintain Your Solutions for Business Efficiency

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manpower infographics
Less manpower required
Repetitive workflows to be automated
Faster development time

Uncover Our Successful Industry-wide Business Cases We Bring into the Future

Concrete-Edge Capabilities of Mind Expression

Context Hopping

Just like we process them in priorities, the AI can handle multiple queries, one by one.


Transform raw information into actionable strategies, driving your business towards data-driven success

Webhook Configuration

Provide responses to your customers by simply setting up response templates or getting responses from your system via webhooks.

Scope Management

Developer creates and manages scopes. A scope is a minimum service module that serves as a bot for one or more purposes.

Ontology Management

Developers can create their own related sentences for the mind expression to learn.

Audit Trail

Developer can monitor what has happened in the platform API as well as the reasoning processes that led to the response.

Live Chat

Connect with knowledgeable representatives instantly, receiving personalized assistance and swift solutions.


With a single, simple public API access, integration with any front end is easily interfaced.

How Mind Expression Works



Define your step-by-step business workflows to build


Build and Connect

Build scopes and subjects and connect your business data


Test and Audit

Assess your results in a Sandbox and audit if anything goes wrong


Analyze and Scale

See how your AI performs and how your customers engage then scale your use cases

How Mind Expression Can Help Your Business

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Inform your customers of product details, promotions, delivery tracking, and more.

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Guide your customers to problem resolution, as well as help your customers purchase more data, check their mobile usage, and pay their bills.

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