AI For The World By The People
Mind AI can think like a human thinks, understand our language, learn like us on its own: a real intelligence. To make of the world where no one is alienated and everything is at our fingertips.

A world for the good of all.
Leading the Third Wave of AI
  • Mind AI is a new class of artificial intelligence, as well as an ecosystem. The foundation of our AI engine is based upon our internationally patented data structures - the method we use to store and process information - we call them canonicals.
  • The most commonly used form of AI today is Deep Learning, and it's a necessary part of the entire AI landscape, but this class of AI is unable to think for itself, nor is it able to explain its behavior. In contrast, Mind AI will be able to think in real-time, generalize, and think logically employing natural language processing skills such as reading, and writing.
  • Envision an Artificial Scientist, an ultra-intelligent machine. The Mind engine will operate in this way, constructing its own theories, testing them, and continuing to learn - even applying newly acquired knowledge to other fields such as education, or law to solve problems in ways that humans have never thought of doing.
  • Currently, the richest elite hoard the best AI advances. We want to give that power to the people. The Second Wave of AI dealt with big data, without accountability: we need the Third Wave to understand what morals and ethics are, so that it benefits without bias. This global community together will work to solve the big issues facing humanity. Because that humanity will be the ones tackling them.
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