Core Team
  • Paul Lee, M.D
    Founder & CEO
    Paul is a clinician, scientist, and an entrepreneur. As a graduate of University of Oxford with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, he received an M.D. from The School of Medicine at Catholic University of Korea. Paul is also a graduate of Futuremed at Singularity University 2013 and Exponential Medicine 2014. Paul also cofounded JNP LAB in Seoul that acts as a development hub for global exponential technologies.
  • Joshua Hong
    Cofounder & CSO
    Josh is a serial, internet-media, and blockchain entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He worked at Accenture as technology and corporate strategy consultant. He won the Orange County Business Journal’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship and 40 under 40 Award in 2010. He also founded and chaired YPO Singularity University Seminar, which was awarded one of the highest rated educational programs in YPO, Young President’s Organization. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and an M.B.A. from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  • John Doe
    Chief Scientist
    John has been researching and developing artificial intelligence software for over 10 years. At Carnegie Mellon University, he began learning languages such as Scheme, Lisp, and C. Afterwards, John began researching and developing artificial intelligence technology. John’s mission has been to pioneer the development of the world’s first true artificial intelligence.
  • Reeyan Lee
    Reeyan became proficient in diverse disciplines, including consumer facing software, banking backbones, RFID, and healthcare. Reeyan has held senior positions at GE Healthcare as a lead architect and as a lead iOS developer. Reeyan now works to develop a new artificial intelligence paradigm, to change the world.
  • Eric Kim
    Eric has a background in corporate finance, planning capital & operational budget, due diligence, and crypto asset management. He has administered treasury functions and cash management in private equity firms, and orchestrated complex due diligence review and audit on potential investments. Eric has previously worked in the online gaming, digital marketing, and in other IT firms as the controller and VP of Finance before joining Mind AI.
  • Alan Hogue
    Lead Computational Linguist
    Hailing from California, Alan Hogue has taught and carried out research primarily in the areas of theoretical linguistics (semantics, formal language theory, syntax, etc.) and cognitive science. After some years of professional experience working on connectionist machine intelligence and natural language understanding, Alan joined Mind to help develop a novel symbolic system for artificial general intelligence. In his free time he enjoys building modular synthesizers, continually fails to learn to play guitar, and fancies himself a rather good amateur critic.
  • Danver Chandler
    Director of Community
    Danver was an educator focused on increasing student learning and achievement internationally and in the USA before she transitioned into tech, joining the team of a mobile animal wellness app and later media community. She now takes her knowledge of how humans grow and learn into the world of Artificial Intelligence. She is most passionate about her direct participation in helping to develop a benevolent AI for humanity as a member of the Mind AI team.
  • Isaac Bang
    Project Lead
    Isaac is a technologist who led the design and development of two telehealth mobile apps, Curely and Kuddly. In addition, he’s helped build, manage, grow, and monetize a network of over 80 social media communities that reach hundreds of millions of viewers every month. He’s worked as a tech consultant for a top global insurance firm, and has worked on expert witnessing cases for a professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management creating demand forecast models. He’s studied economics and statistics at UCLA.
  • Dave Lee
    Lead UX Designer
    Dave is Mind AI’s design lead focusing on user experience and interaction. As a graduate of Hongik University, recognized as the top institute by the Korean IT industry, he has built his career as an UX expert by leading projects in business networking services, healthcare and social commerce. Thinking constantly about providing convenience to the world and making their lives smoother, he has taken a step further as a UX specialist in AI technology and has been with Mind AI since its inception.
  • Eric Moss
    Lead Lisp Engineer
    Eric brings a broad range of experience to Mind, having degrees in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. During his time in New York's financial district, he wrote bond calculation systems in Eiffel. In a Silicon Valley startup, he wrote Lisp-based logging systems for an RFP engine. After returning to school for a Masters in Computer Science, he wrote Perl-based genomic analysis tools in the university's bioinformatics lab. After a semester teaching math, he entered the healthcare industry, where he brought from prototype to production a rules-based system for detecting fraud, waste, and abuse. That system is in use today analyzing claims for tens of millions of insured lives. His next adventure, at Mind, is to assist the creators of the Mind concept in bringing it to market with an implementation befitting its elegant underpinnings.
  • Jay Kim
    Strategy Officer
    Jay is a modern explorer, scientist, creative director and a strategist. As a graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in Biochemistry and Economics, he had researched in Dana-Farber Harvard Medical School. He started out at Samsung Electronics under Global Marketing Department and later set up his own boutique agency, Seoulcialite Group, where he managed 10+ global clients and scaled the revenue to over $10M USD in the first year. Jay is also an avid climber and has been volunteering for the UN rescue team for almost a decade.
  • Helen Yeo
    Brand Manager
    Helen graduated from Hongik University with a degree in communication design. With various interests in travel and time, she worked as a brand designer at a construction company in Kenya while traveling to various countries to devise services on time difference. Currently, as a brand manager of Mind AI, She hopes to reach out to people around the world with innovative and friendly branding and marketing to become a global brand.
  • Hyeran Noh
    GA & Executive Assistant
    After working for Samsung Electronics’ wireless business division, Hyeran worked as a supervisor who oversees employees at Kookmin Card. Based on that experience, she currently serves as an executive assistant for the Mind AI team and will be an assistant and partner to help executives and team members exert their utmost capabilities and concentrate on their positions within Mind AI that will achieve huge growth.
  • Gabriel Bițună
    Computational Linguist
    Gabriel is a polyglot, Arabist, academic researcher, professional translator, AI enthusiast, a computational linguist, business developer, and writer. He holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Bucharest. His previous researches encompass domains like morphology, syntax, phonetics, language death, dialectology, etymology, anthropology, sociology, and history of religions. He has participated in colloquia and conferences across Europe and the Middle East, and he has been involved in several projects organized by IOM, ICMPD, USAID, and NGOs for refugees.
  • Eunhye Cho
    Lead Front-end
    Eunhye majored in computer science and since taking interests in programming, became an software engineer naturally. She has developed experiences in a variety of projects, including web, application and enterprise solutions. She is interested in technical research and development of interactions between users and products. Now she is a front-end engineer, working and supporting with engineers to growth of Mind AI.
  • Nico de Jager
    Lisp Engineer
    Nico is a computer science and mathematics graduate with a passion for programming language design and a particular interest in the Lisp and APL family of languages. Nico has worked professionally as a software engineer, systems administrator and IT Manager for several clinical research and animal science organizations. Nico now works as a Lisp Engineer at Mind AI and where he looks forward to the challenges and excitement of the AI field.
  • Jonny Park
    Backend Developer
    Despite his major in business and English literature, Jonny taught computer science himself and experienced various projects as a backend engineer. He is heavily interested in site reliability engineering, network security and cloud computing and enjoys to collect articles about them. He also has always been thinking about the nature of language and intelligence since he was introduced to liberal arts in university. Trying to satisfy his curiosity, he came to have interests in natural language processing and now is thriving to implement true intelligence at Mind AI as a backend engineer.
  • Rachel Lee
    UX Designer
    Rachel is a UX Designer with various project experiences. She specializes in UX and product design. Her focus is on creating intuitive and seamless user experiences through design thinking. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Design and a MFA in Web Design and New Media. Outside of work, she likes to travel, explore the best coffee places in town and learn new things.
Team Experience